My MB wont start unless OC is activated

Hay, I've posted this thread before but no helped so please help
My PC doesn't start unless i press on the OCing button in the mother boards.

I usually don't turn off my pc but for the last couple of months the power has been going out at least 3 time a week .
and two days ago i was out and when i came back i fount the power went out and came back cause my PC was shut ,so i try to power it on but i can see nothing as if my VGA card is misplaced or doesn't exist , just blank black screen on my monitor and i tried every thing , i tried editing the power supply cables , repositioned the RAMs , cleaned the VGA but nothing happened and i tried turning the OC Gene II(Over Clocking) button on as my last resort and it took the about 2 minutes and then it booted normally and then i press on the Over Clocking button again to turn it off. And now every time the power goes of or i turn the PC off i doesn't start unless i press on the OC button , so please please please help me or tell me any hints about what's happening and what should i do ?
My machine specifications
MSI 990-GD80
AMD Phenom 2 X4 965
2 RAMs
- 8 GB DDR3 Crosair Vengeance
- 8 GB DDR3 G.Skill
ATI Radeon HD 6970 2GB
Cooler Master Power Supply 650 WATS
1 TB Samsung HDD
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  1. Your power supply must have gotten a serious surge during the outage. Even if you have a surge protector, it is still possible for your computer to be damaged during power fluctuations. I would recommend replacing your power supply unit, as it is responsible for power delivery to all of your core components.
  2. Its not a good idea to be running 2 different sticks of ram and I think that might be causing your problem of needing the overclock on use one or the other of those you have or get a set of 2 sticks
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