Wireless N Network Card PCIe for Win 7

Hi All,

I've had a browse in the Network Interface Cards forum to try and find suggestions for a Wireless N network card for Win 7.

There doesn't seem to be any concensus as to what the options are - let alone which is best.

I'd be grateful for some suggestions. Im based in the UK and would probably spend around £30 on it.

Many Thanks,

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  1. Alternatively if people don't have recommendations as such could you tell me:

    - What you use
    - And do you have any problems with it.

  2. Well, I don't use wireless on my main computer, But seriously ALOT of products now are compatible with Windows 7, You can make sure of that by having a look and see if it is certified for use on Windows 7, If it is it just boils down to quality and cost.
  3. Thanks for the reply.

    I've had problems with my USB wireless adaptor from Netgear - 64bit drivers aren't available and I had to find a hack to use the siemens gigaset drivers on it. It also doesn't reappear when the computer comes out of sleep mode.

    I suppose I'm attempting to avoid those problems.

  4. Hmm, yes sometimes like this will happen.
    You can check on the manufactures site to see if they have 64 bit drivers before hand, if not then you might have to select another one.
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