XFX 5770 weird performance issues

So I caught a good deal and swapped my factory-overclocked GeForce 8800GT for a 5770 about two weeks ago. According to all the benchmarks I checked out, I should be seeing a performance increase of approximately 50-75% in most games/benchmarks. In reality though, the new card's performance is about equal to and in a few cases worse than the 8800GT, with lots of lag, tearing, skipping, and low average frame rates even on older games (e.g. Mass Effect, Fallout 3) at lowish resolutions (720p). I've tried all of the following to remedy this:

- Rolled back Catalyst drivers about 3 versions (using Driver Cleaner each time)
- Flashed motherboard BIOS/upgraded MB chipset drivers
- Doing a full format and upgrade from XP-64 to Windows 7-64 (been meaning to do that anyway)
- Checked to make sure the PCIe bus was running at full x16 bandwidth with GPU-Z

Nothing's made a dent. For what it's worth, here are my current system specs:

CPU: Phenom II X4 920 (2.8GHz)
GPU: XFX 5770 (850/1200MHz, allegedly), ATI Catalyst 10.1
MB: Asus M4A78 Plus (AMD 770G chipset)
RAM: 6GB, DDR2-800
OS: Windows 7 64-bit, install is about 48 hours old

Everything's running at stock speeds for the moment

One thing I've noticed is that the GPU never seems to be working very hard; the fan never gets up to full speed and after immediately exiting a game the temperature is usually only ~5 degrees above nominal. Another oddity is that both Catalyst and ATI tray tools misreport the clock speed as 400MHz (it's allegedly 850MHz). GPU-Z reports the correct clock speed on the front tab, but the "sensor" tab reads it as 400MHz. I'm pretty sure that's just a glitch reading, since trying to take it up to what ATI-tt thinks is 850MHz immediately hangs the system, but it sort of fits with my general theory that there's some throttling issue happening here.

Any bright ideas would be very much appreciated, I'm frustrated as hell and starting to wonder if I just got a bum card or something.
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  1. About the core clock speed,its OK because it downclocks in 2D mode and if you check GPU-Z sensor tab you will see it reports 400Mhz but there is something wrong with the performance,it may sound funny but have you updated the Windows rating score ?
  2. You need to go onto the AMD website and download the catalyst 10.2 driver pack. There is an issue with a windows software update that causes the tearing and fragmentation issues you have with that card. The latest drivers address those issues.
  3. Interesting, didn't realize W7 came with an integrated benchmark tool. I reran it a couple of times and got consistent 7.4's for graphics performance, whatever that means (I guess good, since it's out of 7.9?). So whatever the deal is, I'm not seeing it there.

    My 3DMark scores are ~13000 (3Dmark06) and ~9500 (Vantage), for the record (free versions, default settings)
  4. I would like to volunteer a helpful hint : you may want to restore factory defaults in the ccc (some times more than once)especially if you have been messing around in there.
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