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Hello all im still learning overclocking and this is my first intel so I have a few question about overclockin with this proccesor and the sabertooth z77 motherbord. iv been workin on overclocking my computer and for ages i tryd doing the offset method rbut the voltage was allwaz to dam high .I tryd researching and askin around in dif fourms online for help about how to get it workin but faild to understand it all despite alot of help from people. so im resorting to the manual method since i understand it better and it works.Im trying to find out what will be a stable voltage for a 4.3ghz so far iv been able to boot into windows with a cpu volt of 1.095 but it crashed so i bumbt it up a bit more till i got it so its staying in windows 1.105v can anyone tell me a possible ruf estimat of how high i should increes the voltage so its fairly stable for a stree test? iv read online that ivy bridge isent recomended for prime95 stress testing and insted aida64 is recomended but i dont no how long i should run it for at first to test. and the last thing i was wondering if there are any people on here that have the same motherbord as me can thay tell me what settings i need to have turnd on and set to for this overclock to work properly i have found a few guids for asus rog motherbords but the bios is not the same as the sabertooth and i cant reely follow it. I could do with some help thanks.
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  1. I wouldn't worry about the voltages so much, just play with the clock speed. Learn a bit more about processors before trying to overclock your Voltages, as tampering with them incorrectly can result in serious damage.
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