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Hey everyone, i am running windows 7 64 bit on a Sony Vaio, about a month old. Just noticed when i open my network and sharing center, and click on full network map, it shows my computer, and my router (asus rt-n56u) but also has 3 extra hubs and switches in there that i dont have. I have a direct cable connecting to a Motorola modem, then to my router. If i take the router out of the equation and hard wire directly to the modem, it just shows my computer icon, router ico, and internet icon. WHY ARE THERE SO MANY EXTRA HUBS AND SWITCHES AND WHAT DO THEY MEAN???? PLEASE HELP!
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  1. its prob just a big with the Asus Router, showing as extra HUB's and switches.

    try doing a firmware update to the router
  2. I don't think what HugoStiglitz says is the case.
    I have the same problem on the same OS (Win7 64)
    I use internet through other machine's Internet Connection Sharing. No hubs or switches are present. However, Network Map is showing a hub between my machine and the second machine.
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