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Hi, i want to OC my processor (I want to get 4,4-4,5GHz). Do someone have this mobo and this processor overclocked to 4,4-4,5GHz? I know that OC on LGA1155 is not very hard, but can someone give me his OC DNA profile?
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  1. So no one have this mobo?
  2. I'm going to make this short.

    Every chip, every motherboard, every part is not going to take the same path when overclocking. The best advice I can give you is to start reading on overclocking and learn where to start from scratch. You could end up getting someone's profile that is pushing a ton of voltage to the processor and your processor may not like it and just decide to pop. So play it safe, learn the ways and you'll be overclocked to 4Ghz+ in no time. It's not nearly as hard as most people think it is. Only when you start getting extreme with the clocks does it become hard to understand.
  3. I know OC is not hard (i overclocked my old i5 760 to 3,8GHz). OC DNA would be just faster option. Thanks.
  4. I have that motherboard, I like it. Was able to get my 2500k up to 4.5 with hardly any effort at all. Like steddora said tho, each processor and mobo are different, and my specs for a 4.5 OC may be very different from someone else's with the same processor, there are so many factors involved from PSU, RAM, RAM timings, chipset, down to the stepping and revisions of your particular processor. Having a different architecture on my i5 than yours, and that Ivy Bridge OCs differently than Sandy from what I understand, only thing I can say is read up. There are a lot of great resources on the web for OC beginners, step up slowly, and monitor your equipment with the appropriate software. CPUz is great, I used prime95 for stress testing (like most), and with windows 7 I used a gadget to show real time CPU and Mobo temps to make sure things don't get too hot, which is a problem when OCing Ivy Bridge from what I hear.

    Just do a little research and you'll be rockin after a few hours of testing I promise, good luck!
  5. And to get you started, this is where I did:
  6. Can you give me a name of that gadget showing mobo temps?
  7. kubas246 said:
    Can you give me a name of that gadget showing mobo temps?

    Its called all CPU meter I believe, here's a link for ya

    just read the instructions, cuz you have to download a separate program for the temps to display, it explains it all on the link
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