WD30EZRX suddenly disappear. Only after a reboot it will show again.

I bought two Western Digital WD30EZRX 3 Tb Sata III hard drives two weeks ago. I installed the hard drives without problem. I had access to 2.7 Tb instantly. Im having a strange problem with one of the hard drives. Seems that after hibernate the pc one of the hard drives keep disappearing (this is the third time). I dont know the exact moment of the disappearance. After a reboot the hard drive shows again with all the information.

I have a X58-UD3R r2.0 mobo. The hard drives are connected to the two Sata III ports that the mobo has available. Im using Win 7 x64.

I need to apply RMA or there is a solution?

Thank you for your help.

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  1. I must mention that Im using Sata II cables for both WD30EZRX because I cant buy in my country Sata III cables (I investigated and I have read that Sata II = Sata III cable). I discovered that when the hard drive dissapear I can recover it using the "Scan for hardware change" in the Device Manager. After a second it appears again in the device manager and after a minute is available in windows again. I investigated and some people had the same problem. I have read that a possible causative could be that large hard drives needs more time to be "turn on" and that maybe that is a possible variant. Windows have a hotfix for that but I have SP1 so is included in my system.

    I have read that some users solved the problem activating ACPI = S3 in bios. I dont have that option in my bios (X58A-UD3R r2.0) but I discovered that I can set the Access Mode to Large (I have only two options for the 3 Tb hard drives: Access Mode = Auto or Large). I dont know what does the Large option but I configure the Access Mode for both hard drives in Large just to try. Do you know what does the Large Access Mode and if it can help my situation?
    I contacted WD and they said to me that I need to try the WD Life Guard Tool in both Quick and Extended test. Both hard drives passed the Quick test, tonight I will try the Extended test.

    Thanks and sorry for my english (its not my native language).
  2. Did you ever sort this problem out, i too have a wd3earx drive and had the same symptoms. I sent one back to wd for a replacement and the new drive does exactly the same thing.
  3. hey mars109 since I posted this thread I have not had the problem again. I updated the bios of my mobo and manually selected access mode "Large" for both hard drives. Both are almost full capacity and they are working flawless for now. I contacted to WD and they said that I need to do an extended test for both hard drives. Both passed the Quick Test but I will do the Extended Test soon to corroborate that all is good.

    I wish luck to you with your WD30EZRX and if you sort the problem or get new information please post it here to know about your method.

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