New Water cooled Build.

I am thinking of doing a new liquid cooled machine but first i am not sure if all the components i picked out match and can fit inside my case.
This would be my first so i am kind of a noob here hehe :D .
This is what i have so far.

Koolance VID-NX590 Full Cover Waterblock
Swiftech Apogee HD
swiftech MCRx20-XP "eXtreme Performance" Radiator Series
Bitspower BitsPower Z-Multi 150mm Water Tank
Swiftech MCP655 pump
Case-Corsair graphite 600T

These are my Specs:
Intel core i7 2600k
Geforce GTX 590
Asus maximus IV Extreme
8GB Ripjaws RAM
HDd 750GB + SSD 124 I want do do a loop from my for my CPU and GTX 590.Only that will be liquid cooled.
Only the CPU is overclocked at 4.7 GHz

I am wondering first of all will all this fit and will it go together.

If u have any suggestion for the rest of the parts or the ones i already have picked out please say so :)
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  1. well have you looked at any of the build logs

    Is possible to almost connect any hardware together and create a loop, the only thing is you want it to work well too when your all done
    Thing is you may need a little more rad space but put it together see how it runs and whether or not that is acceptable to you if not all you would need to do is add another 240 or upgrade the rad altogether.
    As far as hardware I can see nothing wrong with your picks if you are using compression fitting make your tubing and fitting the same sizes. I like 5/8 OD 3/8 ID tubing with fittings to match
  2. You might want to choose a different radiator...Swiftech makes decent radiators, but the MCR's are old design and for the money, you can find better rads for around the same price...this coming from someone that runs 2x MCR320's myself. I like them and got them for decent cost, but that was several years ago and I wouldn't buy them today if I were shopping for new rads.

    In short...if you can find them for a steal, they are good. Otherwise, if you are getting them retail for around the cost of other rads, go with other makes and models.
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