How long will QX9650 last without heatsink and fan running

I built my first unit, asus p5n-d mobo with a Qx9650 processor and being old and not to smart I tried to fire it up without a heat sink and fan.
It would run for maybe 15 sec. or a minute with just enough time to see some of the bios displayed but then kept shutting down.
How long will a processor run without the heat sink cooling before it goes bad?
I was thinking that since tiger direct didn't send the heat sink with the barebones kit then maybe it was okay to fire it up.
I have ordered a cooler and am waiting for UPS, I hope that there is some kind of overload protection built into the chip or board and that I have not destroyed something.
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  1. Well, The chip proably shut itself down when it realized how hot it was getting. Honestly, you proably cuased a lot of long term damge to the chip. The chips proably gonna die a few months ealier than it would have if you ahdn't done that, but whatever, it's an outdated chip anyways so it doesn't matter.
  2. It probably went into thermal shutdown before any permanent damage occurred.
  3. Thanks’ you so much for responding so soon to my question. I probably tried to start the computer 10 times but hopefully I have hope now and will wait for tiger direct to send the cooler.
  4. I just couldn't wait for UPS so I went to Best Buy and picked up a universal cooler and can't seem to snap it onto the board. I have it held in by two mounting pins and some string. I have been loading Windows 7 Ultimate for a few minutes and everything looks great. Not sure what temps I am running but hope to find out soon.
  5. LOLZ, you should have bought this. Try to return whatever piece of crap you bought.
  6. builderbobftw said:
    LOLZ, you should have bought this. Try to return whatever piece of crap you bought.

    I received the heat sink/fan (ZEROtherm / CF800 / Socket 775 / Copper Base / Heatpipes / CPU Cooler)( ) from tiger direct and it was real nice to see how well constructed it was and easy to install, I like the back plate and machine screws/springs that just screwed it tightly on the board.

    The cpu temp is around 49C - 54C and I saw were it was rated up to 64.5C so I hope that these are good numbers because I like how well the computer is running and hope that I get a long life out of the cpu.
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