"Windows detected a Hard Disk Problem" - Showing Upon Startup

Hello all,

Seemingly out of the blue, my new build is having a hard drive error. When I turned on my PC yesterday I was given this message:

"Windows detected a hard disk problem
Back up your files immediately to prevent information loss,
and then contact the computer manufacturer to determine
if you need to repair or replace the disk.
>Start the backup process
>Ask me again later"

Following the prompts, I backed up my pc to an external hard drive and then Windows told me to shut down my pc and not use it again until I am able to repair or replace the hard drive. Also, the hard disk is "Predicted to fail" because of a SMART program or something to that effect, it has not failed yet, everything just takes a lot longer to load and such.


Question 1:

So, my question is, what is my next step in trying to solve the problem before resorting to buying a new hard drive?

Question 2:

After reading these posts on this forum that pertain to my issue, what I think I have learned is that there are two types of hard drive errors, physical and data; am I correct in thinking this? If so, how do I determine if it is the data on the hard drive that is predicted to fail, or the hard drive itself that is predicted to fail?

Question 3:

If it is a data problem, would deleting the partition and starting over from a fully cleaned hard drive solve this issue?


Things I have tried:

I tried to generate a system health report and then had Windows attempt to repair the hard drive upon reboot; which did not fix the problem as the error message appeared once the pc had fully rebooted.

Thank you very much in advance for your time in reading all this.
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  1. 1) You may want to dowload tools from your disk manufactures website... this must be done before you can return the drive to the manufacturer.

    2) it the drive itself

    3) see #2
  2. Thank you anonymous1 for your reply.

    After checking out the manufacturer's and Newegg's sites concerning RMAs, I have another, perhaps subjective question. Which RMA would you recommend I go through? Directly through Western Digital's site or go through NewEgg's RMA? According to Western Digital's information on the drive, it is still under a limited warranty and is eligible for replacement. I am just confused as I haven't found any information on either site that specifies which service to go through should I try to RMA a product.

    Does it matter which I choose? Will they both lead to the same end?
  3. I would deal directly with WD.
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