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Can I gut my gateway 310 case and use it for a new build?
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  1. Hmm it appears that that casing is an mATX tower and so would only house mATX form factor motherboards. However if you intend to build a high octane mATX gaming rig the airflow and ventilation would be the chief areas of concern for me along with the PSU ..and possibly clearance for GPU lengthwise hehe If just a low power or integrated video rig with a multicore chip running stock/light OC i dun see why not
  2. thanks batuchka, I was hoping to build a mediocre gaming system with it. but I suppose a light video rig will do. No sense in throwing it away, if I can reuse.
  3. True but very decent mATX cases that are 2 x 120mm fans capable are very cheap these days :P
    What ball park figure u looking at for upgrade?
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