External Harddrive Problems (Cont)

a while back i made a post about my external hard drive no longer being able to read from my desktop. So the advice i took was to put the external hard drive into the desktop as a secondary hard drive. I went out, bought a SATA cable and installed it, Turned my computer on, and it freezes at the windows screen. Restart, freezes again, Restart, freezes once again. Open up the computer and unplug the SATA cable, Starts just fine. What other methods do i have to retrieve the files on my hard drive?
note: Formatting is not an option cause i have 2 years of files on that hard drive
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  1. you suck it up and learn a hard lesson about the importance of keeping backups...

    btw formatting is an option... formatting does not destroy data... it adds a ~ to the pointer on the drives index for each file... if you format then run recuva (free recovery software) you could get all your files back... but with it acting the way it is I don't see it being solved by a format... but worth a try...
  2. But if the hard drive is my back up, i need a back up for my back up?
  3. a hdd as a backup is generally a bad idea... assuming this external drive is hooked up all the time it's running probably nearly has much as the drive you're backing up from which means it will fail within a relatively similar time... if you want to use backup drives I would recommend a backup nas with RAID capabilities... or off site back up (cloud storage is very affordable now) or if the files are very important you could do tape/DVD backups... I don't see a single external hdd as a backup... more of a tool allowing portability... but like I said you could try a format... contrary to some people's beliefs formatting is not a destructive process it simply masks to the OS that the data is there... the data is really only gone when the space where it is is re written to...
  4. rowdyrego said:
    But if the hard drive is my back up, i need a back up for my back up?

    Yes, You need a backup for your backup. I have an external hdd for backup as well but I also back my data up to a few Blue-ray Disk (Get urself a Blue-Ray Burner).

    It sounds like your external hdd is corrupt and when I say corrupt. I mean damaged beyond repair. If you can't write to the drive, you surely can not format the drive.

    Btw, Have you tried useing the Manufactures HDD Utility to repair the drive?
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