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I have 6gb of ddr3's I dont really know the brand. I brought this computer 4days ago. Today I have discovered a problem with my computer mainly when we go to ctrl+alt+del (task manager) ---> perfomence we have ram. Total cached avaible free. My cached number is growing up all the time and it never decreses. The time i restart my PC it starts from 300 and it is growin and growing and my free ram is decresing. I dont know how to name it its like it never recovers back. all this time i am doing nothing just looking at screen and it is growing up and growing up. The only way to recover it is launch a game and close it and it will decrese a little bit but it will be still growing up. twice i came up to problem that my PC was very slow my free ram was 500 but it was very very slow even internet explorer had problems in creating a new tabs or loading a websides and it was extremly hard to go through my folders because they were keep freezing.
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  1. That sounds like Windows is just caching files, the fact that it drops down when you start a game seems to indicate this.

    Your slow problems could be from Malware, you should run a scan with Malwarebytes in safe mode. That should find any infections.
  2. can you write a manual for me because i want to do everything properly
  3. i did already do full scan with kaspersky and i have no viruses/trojans etc.
  4. i did use ur program and it didnt help...
  5. Ok, I was just saying that your RAM "problem" does not seem to be a problem.

    The reason why your Windows lags sometimes I am not sure. This could be conflicting drivers or something, theres not much reason for it to do it.

    If it happens so frequently that it annoys you then you could reinstall windows which will fix any software issues which it most likely is.
  6. but i really dont want to do reinstall because i will have to do so many things again etc. how about if i take ram out from, computer ad i put them again in? maybe it will fix anything or i dont really know...
  7. it happens like every 1 hour after restarting my pc because free ram goes to 0. it is really anoying i think i will try reinstalling soon and i will give u a answer what is going on
  8. Oh are you saying that the RAM goes to 0 and thats why you get the freeze up? In your first post you said that free RAM was at 500 and you were getting it, is this not the case?

    If free RAM is at 500 and you are getting slow downs it is most likely not the RAM. Though if it goes to 0 and you get slow downs something is pretty wrong, most likely software. It could be a problem with the windows caching, you can turn it off here:
    See if that helps.
  9. i have win7 ultimate and its not in english so it will take me some time to find where it is. btw the webside u gave me is for vista but i hope that there was no changes in win7
  10. ok after few minutes i found it and i swiched it off let me see for results and i will inform you shortly

    btw thank you for helping me
  11. ok i swiched it off. cached ram doesnt seem to grow up that quickly and it is even stable most of the time. but i did check 1 thing i launched a game and i swiched game off and it didint recover ram back before i had cached 900 and now i have 1900 and it doesnt drop down is it the way it should be?
  12. i launched few games and it seems like he still did remember RAM from those games because when i launched 1 game i did previously it did load much quicker but shouldnt the RAM relase it? after swiching game off? it does but like half of it
  13. Hmmm well I'm not too sure about it not releasing it. I wouldn't worry about it if it dumps it when you open a new game/program. So the windows caching must have been stuffing up then?
  14. yes most probably it is windows caching for now everything seems fine i just have to use my whole ram fully try make it 0 again in this option and see if it freezes and stuff. but i dont understand it i am using this windows for 3 years now same cd same windows and i never had problems with it. I have to install few more games now and launch them and make my free RAM 0 and see what gonna happen and i will tell you if i still have this problem or not
  15. If you've had it for ages and it was fine then maybe there is some hidden nasty. Like I never noticed but my 2GB Vista PC only has 5 free megabytes with 1400 caches and I never see any problem. I also have a Windows 7 PC which is probably similar and I don't have any problem with that.

    Since your OS install is so old it might be a bit clogged so its slowing down. If you really don't want to reinstall then you could run a registry cleaner like CCleaner. What are you worried about with a reinstall? To lazy to reinstall all your programs, or something more then that? If you don't get a good solution it would unfortunately be the best option.
  16. ccleaner didnt help me. so you have 5 free mb and your pc is not freezing etc? i just swiched my laptop on and i left to for a while and yes it droped to 0 free mb and it is not freezing and everything works. so i think ram problem is solved but what makes my PC freez when ram drops to 0? its like i open a webside and it freezez for 15sec or i open my computer n i go though folders and same thing. any solution? yh i really dont want to reinstall windows because i did already twice 3 days ago and now i installed all programs many games etc and i played them and it will take me too long to set up everything again etc so i would rather look for a solution i think its the best option for me
  17. Yes my PC does not freeze, I didn't even realize that the cached files aren't even included in the Memory usage graph which is why I never noticed that it uses so much.

    It does seem weird that your PC freezes up when it drops to 0. If this isn't happening with the caching off then thats very good. Maybe there is some conflict and windows doesn't like giving back the RAM. It shouldn't matter running without caching except for a little less launching performance.

    I didn't realize you re-installed windows just recently, so you don't have to reinstall. Unless it only started happening after you reinstalled or something, which it didn't right?

    Maybe it has something to do with the graphics writing to screen. Does it fully mouse freeze when it happens? If not (you can still move the mouse) this has no bearing.

    If it only happens when the RAM reaches 0 and this doesn't happen now I would not worry about it. Though does it only happen when the RAM reaches 0? As in is it fully stable with the caching off?
  18. i am fed up i am reinstaling now see u soon i wont instal drivers from motherboard now i got p6t asus. just graphic and windows 7 updates n my other drivers
  19. now i had 300 free ram and it was still freezing nope mouse never freezez just aplications i really dont know what to do should i format it or not
  20. You shouldn't have to reformat.

    I'm out of knowledge and most people will not read this as it has a lot of posts. I think your best bet is to post a new thread and set it out very clearly. Put some nice paragraphs in and make it look nice.

    Include lots of information like the fact that your free RAM went to 0 and you had freezing problems, you disabled caching but you still get freezes without dropping to 0 RAM. You have scanned with malwarebytes, reformated 3 days ago.

    Hopefully someone will see it who knows about the problem will see it and read it. Note that this could take days though.

    One last thing you could check is to test the memory. I was going to say to do this for a while but didn't really think it suited. But its worth a shot. Best program is memtest, let it run till 100% coverage and see if you get any errors:

    Good luck.

    You could also run for a while in safe mode to see if you get the freeze. If you don't then it is most likely software based, driver errors probably. Also maybe you could install an old graphics card driver if you have one.

    Also maybe instead of posting the new thread here post it on sevenforums.com theres people there seem to be more into troubleshooting and are more knowledgeable about these kinds of things. As this is only a PC hardware community a lot of people only know about problems which have happened to them or they can search for.
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