Alien vs predator on 4870x2

is anyone running alien vs predator, the recent release with a 4870x2?
the performance is nice but it stutters and im not sure why.

any ideas?

latest ati drivers are loaded..
catalyst on manual AND auto so no difference there...

wonder why it stutters..unlless its another game that favors nividia and ati hardware isnt going to run it well?
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  1. Try disabling Cat AI and see if it helps
  2. The only tip I am sure that will be usefull for future upgrade : Go for single graphic processor unit only :)

    As for the glitch, I hope you find a way to enjoy this game (it rocks)
  3. I don't agree,getting a single or dual card(s) depends on the game and the resolution that you want to play,but that's my opinion :)
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