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I know everybody wants as much power as possible, but, when i am not using my machine or just surfing the web, watching movies, downloading or other stuff that doesn't really need 5Ghz and a small nuclear powerplant to run, i would like my machine to be as power efficient as possible, which also makes it run cooler and quieter.

I do not use the powersaving features in win7, other than turn of hdd and monitor after x min.
Right now i'm using the energysaver application from gigabyte, seems alright, but maybe it's not, limited to gigabytes users only tho, but maybe there is a universal way.
maybe you know of a better option.
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  1. I know about speedstep, and that if it's enabled in bios, it's supposed to be automatic.

    What the energy saver advanced application seems to do, from what i understand from their website, is besides shutting down cores and lowering the speed of the cores, it also changes the voltage, you can select 3 values from 1 to 3, where 1 is just a little less power and 2 is even less and so forth, and there is a low power option for even lower power consumption.
    That's quite alright with me, but when i start a game, i want all the resources, so the app fires up all the cores, turns up the voltage and off you go, but i have no idear if there are better alternatives than the gigabyte app energy saver advanced.

    there seems to be two apps, energy saver 2 and energy saver advanced, wrote that just for clarification.
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