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Hi i have a NH-D14 and had the original fans that came with it. but unfortunately its not working anymore. I was planning to buy a Corsair SP 120 High performance fans. Does anyone had this kind of setup? using a SP120 on a NH-D14?
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  1. I don't have it on that rig, but I've used the SP120 on a Hyper 212+ and the SP140 on a downdraft cooler - I loved those fans on both. They do have a bit of a downside, though: their screw mounts are oddly designed in the corners - and have a bad tendency to break when you try to remove the screw. *(But for a heatsink that doesn't matter, and so they're perfect.)

    Oh... I'd go for the high static pressure version - not sure if it's that model or not, but those are what you want for heatsinks.
  2. but what im concerned is if the SP120 fits on the NH-D14 using the clips for the Fans?
  3. Why use a smaller fan ? Try nd find a 140mm fan
  4. dont want a 140mm fan due to my rams will surely hit the fan. i can use the 140 from the middle and at the back of my NH-D14. and also im modding my case so i wanted to be with the same color as my case and lightings.
  5. got my SP120s, wew it was really a hard time fitting them on my NH-D14. the clips wont fit so i had to use a wire to hook them up with the heatsink and it looks awsome and temps are great.
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