4850 vs 5770?

Hey, my friend is going to be upgrading his video card and he needs to know what to buy.

This is his system specs.

2.8 ghz Regor 240 Dual core
2GB DDR2 800 mhz (2x1GB)
9400 GT 512MB DDR2
Antec BP550 550W (22A, 22A, 25A)

OS: Windows XP pro 32 bit

Resolution 1280 by 1024

So his dad is going to buy him a new video card for his birthday. So he needs to know which video card he should buy.

He could get the 5770 1GB For $170


4850 $100 + 2GB ram $40 = $140

What's the FPS increase from a 4850 to a 5770 with a resolution of 1280 by 1024? I know the 5770 is SLIGHTLY worst then a 4870.

Any one have any benchmarks? thanks.
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  1. Thanks.
  2. Is an HD5750 + the ram an option? The HD5750 is a decent bit better than the HD4850, OCs very nicely and is DX11. Should be great for 1280x1024 and keeps the price similar to the HD5770.
  3. No I don't think so. The 5750 is only $20 cheaper the 5770. And it's $50 more then the 4850.
  4. The 5770 is your best bet. It's better then the 4850, (equal to a 4870). Costs less on your energy bill as it is very energy effceint, and it is a DirectX 11 part, which means you can have all the latest eye candy.

    I personally have the 5770 in crossfire (runs as fast as a 5870 which is ~400 right now).

    I originally upgraded from a 4850 to a 5770 for energy savings, but the upgrade itself raised my 3d mark score over 3k. It is a very good card. Maxs out most games without crossfire in 1080p resolution. The 5750 is less powerful, however if you crossfire them you get a 5850 for more then $100 less then the current cost of the 5850. All in all this generation is about crossfire and multi-gpu. I would say get the 5770 and when the 6XXXX series comes out you can trade it up.
  5. Yeah, I would probably go for the HD5770 and upgrade the ram later.
  6. Ummm.... 5770 for a resolution of 1280X1024 will be an overkill.

    Get the HD 4850 along with RAM.
  7. That's what I was leaning towards.
  8. I'd go with the 5770, saves your dads electricity bill - a good selling point to him ;)

    and be able to run maxxed out and get all the DX11 goodness and not regret getting a 4850 and having to look at screen shots to see what your new game should look like LOL
  9. + is easier for your friend to later save up $40 for the RAM and simply add it.

    not so easy to upgrade from the 4850
  10. dude, how could this even be a question :)

    5770 all the way!!
  11. Seems to me a 4850 + ram is more than enough with that resolution. 5770 would make it smoother than buttah, but if he's not getting a new monitor soon definitely get the 4850.

    I'm personally getting a 5770 myself but that's because I'm buying a 22in 1080 monitor. If I was in the same situation, with my 1280x1024 monitor, 4850 and ram it would be. Oh, and if he really wants (and his mobo supports it) he could xfire then later on if he is having a graphics bottleneck, which I doubt.
  12. He doesn't have crossfire =/
  13. DX10 V DX11

    6.43 8.37 and 9.09 are some good bits

  14. HD5770 is massively overkill for that resolution. It is enough for resolutions like 1920X1080.

    HD 4850 will last a long time at that resolution.
  15. Both would be very good for that resolution. I recommended the HD5770 because it will last longer and has DX11 and will serve well if/when the monitor is upgraded. Also it can be transferred to a new system by itself or in crossfire when the time comes. With the HD4850 you'll probably wanna ditch it entirely if you get a 1080p monitor or DX11 really takes off. It's a lot easier to just save up the $40 for the ram in the not too distant future.
    BTW there is an HD5750 on Newegg now for $130;
    So that plus the ram should be $170, just like the HD5770.
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