Simple Motherboard question.

So my PSU went out a week ago (confirmed by "hotwiring" it). Now the new one wont power up my rig. I made sure it works with the same trick i used for the dead one. So what I am wondering is, if i take everything off of the motherboard, will it power up? Like just the little light thats on it? Or I guess, SHOULD it. Cause mine doesn't.
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  1. All you need is the cpu/heatsink, one stick of memory, and a video connection. What trick do you use?
  2. Umm i could have sworn i posted in here already O-o? (maybe my post was deleted?! :O )

    Anywho - do breadboarding (like O1die said) but you can also try not using any sticks of memory. If you hear beeps then that post works. So add 1 stick. If that does (or doesn't) post - you take it from there.

    And what are your specs mate?
  3. The trick is the "paper clip trick", I would imagine?? If your new PSU doesn't kick on you case fans when connected with the "paper clip trick", I would say that PSU might be DOA.

    If it works to turn on the lights, it is more likely a motherboard issue that took out your PSU in the first place (IMO). I had it happen to me before using a Tagan PSU. My MSI board died, took the PSU & CPU with it. I thought it was the PSU, installed a new one with no luck... Fans but no picture (Dead CPU / MOBO).
  4. ^+1 paper clip is a good test. There's also psu testers for about $10 lol.
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