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I'm looking to upgrade my computer's CPU from my amd athlon 64 x2 6400+ 3.2ghz dual core to the Phenom II Quad 3.2ghz.

But my socket for my board currently is a AM2.

So obviously I was looking for a new motherboard for the Phenom.

Anyway, I keep going back and forth with the option of either having DDR3 or DDR2 (that's what I have now, so I would just stick my current RAM into the new motherboard if it were to be a DDR2 board).

My question is...

When I buy a new motherboard...

Should I upgrade to DDR3? which would be $100 more

Or should I stick with my DDR2?

Thanks ahead of time
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    If you already have DDR2 on hand look to hit a AM2+ and if gaming channel funds from not going DDR3 to a better GPU or if not gaming other hardware ^^
  2. Well I was able to find on Newegg some boards that will take DDR2 and also support an AM3 socket.

    That's why I asked DDR2 or DDR3.

    But your saying I should hold on to the DDR2 right?
  3. If you were starting afresh then ya a DDR3/AM3 board would be 1st choice but seeing u have DDR2 RAMs on hand and with no performance hit an AM2+/DDR2 board would be able to support AM3 socket chips
  4. Well thank you very much batuchka, I will keep my 4 gig of DDR2 RAM and go with a AM3/AM2+ board.
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  6. You are welcomed ^^
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