Is this a good overclock for the Atholon II x4?

i overclocked it from 3.1 ghz to 3.7ghz stable running prime95 on a fan cooler at 54 degrees C or 129 degree F i just wanted to know if this was good i can get it to 3.8 but BSOD while testing with prime95
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  1. That's solid, good temps for that overclock. What voltage are you using?
  2. 1.44V ended up buying new thermal paste and its keeping temps at 51-52 under prime95 for around an hour
  3. Voltage is a little high but even that the temps still good. Is Fully stable in games?
  4. That is a nice OC... not the furthest you might be able to push things, assuming that you could find a way to get the cooling situation a bit more ideal. Those temps aren't bad, but having a bit of history with Athlon chips, I don't think I'd consider temps ideal either. What specific model cooler are you using? Do you have the case and cooler fans running at 100%, or are they set to vary dependent on temps?
  5. its 100% stable in game, fan that is running is a stock coolermaster fan and no fan in my case is controlable other then the graphics card one
  6. Good overclock then....
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