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I just been round my mates house, he has a Compaq laptop which uses a Phenom dual core @ 2.4ghz

Apparently he's overclocked his CPU to 2.6ghz but what i was wondering is that is it even possible to do it with this laptops heat sink?

Also is the processor unlocked? or locked?

Here's his laptop: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Compaq-CQ56-250-Processor-Windows-Premium/dp/B004UFOT62

Many thanks.
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  1. That is such a small overclock you will only notice a difference in a benchmark. I would recommend against overclocking a laptop.
  2. Yeah but is it actually possible with this processor?

  3. Overclocking a laptop is not a really good idea. It will get too hot. It is possible but a safe overclock would not be significant enough to notice outside of benchmarks. The proccesor as far as I know can do it.
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