My computer pentium 4 D is over heat

My CUP Pentium 4 D is over heat 80°C
How did I solve this problem?
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  1. Clean all dust out of heatsink with compressed air vacum out all dust in case make sure all fans are runnign and then take heat sink off and clean all the old thermal compound off with alchol and then reapply some good paste like this

    All those compounds are quality stuff the artic silver can be had at Radio Shack for around $8 which is my favorite compound.

    Pentium D's are known to make some heat so its really important to keep a clean well ventilated case.
  2. something is need fastest freeze type cooler before.

    but liquid nitrogen type cooler has dangerous!
  3. most intel pentium 4 series have 90 Nano Meter
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