PSU problem??? Please help!

I have a hardware problem and I'm not sure where the right place to post this is, but here goes!

I have a system here with XP Home, 256 MB RAM, Celeron D processor (around 2.8GHZ I THINK, but not 100% sure).

The machine was freezing up constantly and really bad. I formatted the HD, thinking it was filled with viruses, ect. but after the drive formatted and XP was installing, it froze while it was installing devices. Tried several times. It also froze up several times when trying to run UBCD4Win, so it's definitely a hardware problem I think.

I did Memtests on the RAM and it came back fine so I don'think it's that. I did try another HD, but it wasn't the best HD so I can't say for sure it's the HD or not.

I was wondering if it could be the power supply? Because now, randomly, neither button on either cd drive will work. Sometimes, the extra fan that's inside will kick in and out... so I'm wondering if the system is getting enough power? Right now it has a 300W ...but I don't have a psu tester. Please reply asap...thanks.
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  1. it might be the hd, for a pc that spec its best to think about geting a new pc.
  2. It could possibly be the psu or even a failing motherboard.Your machine specs suggest its got some age in it so you`re best bet would be to replace the machine as already suggested.
  3. It is not my system so replacing it is not up to me.

    I don't know about it being the HD cause it continues to freeze up even when booted up with ubcd4win cd. Then again if the drive is that far gone, I've seen that not work before.

    Also the Power buttons on both CD/DVD drives ar eno longer working. When you press the buttons they won't open and the extra fan that's on the chassy (Not the one on the heatsink or PSU) kicks in and out. So that's why I'm wondering if the system is getting enough power or not and maybe that could be why it freezes so much?

    As I said, I tested the RAM and no errors came back. I don't have a reliable HD that I could test...but I can't see if it were the HD, why that would cause the buttons on the CD/DVD drives to not work?

    When i tried reformatting and installing Windows, the installation froze at Installing devices...could that be why the buttons don't work on the drives? The generic drivers didn't get installed?
  4. it could be a number of things but the time you get it fixed it will cost more than buying the same pc off ebay.
  5. The only way to figure out the issue it to replace one part at a time.

    Parts for that old machine would cost the same, if not more, than parts for a new computer. It's a gamble.

    Ever try to replace a part for an old car? It can get very expensive.
  6. I'd say maybe PSU but probably a broken motherboard/chipset
  7. Kewlx25 said:
    The only way to figure out the issue it to replace one part at a time.

    Parts for that old machine would cost the same, if not more, than parts for a new computer. It's a gamble.

    Ever try to replace a part for an old car? It can get very expensive.

    +1 -- Figure for $150 + about $15 shipping you could get an entire refurbished system that is alot better than the one you have - like this one at Tigerdirect -- Off Lease Refurb System -- and just trying to find a replacement MOBO that will work with the rest of that system you have will probably cost you that much since they are way out of production !!

    Though if you can afford a better system then I'd get something newer than that but if on a low budget Tigerdirect's Off lease refurbished systems are a decent deal. (figure the copy of Windows XP pro covers most of the cost of the entire system.)
  8. If you use USB Stick for instaling drivers, go check that with USB AntiVirus. I had a similar problem...
  9. I wasn't using a USB stick. I was just installing windows from the original cd.

    Anyway, I tried another HD and still having the same weird problems. So it's not the HD. I knew that anyway because Windows would not install and the system continued to freze up when trying to boot with UBCD4Win.

    I tried another working stick of RAM of the same type and still, no go.

    When I tried the other HD, after it formatted and the system restarted to instal lWindows, right at the Windows splash screen, it was extremely dim, like you could barely see it...and the machine froze. That happened a couple times...

    So the RAM and HD are out ... that's not the problem. It's either the PSU, processor or Motherboard. What do you al lthink? The system has a 250 (or 230?) W PSU. I have a working 300W I could swap and try. If its the PSU, I'd say replace isn't that pricey. But if its the mobo or CPU, I agree with you all. Better off getting a new tower than trying to find old mobos and processors that will work with them/vise versa. Again, it is'nt my system.
  10. Well if you've got a spare PSU there then swapping it out wouldn't hurt ! -- though normally a failing PSU will cause the system to shut down or not boot so it freezing is probably something else but at least swapping it would eliminate it from the checklist of possible causes !
  11. Could be a faulty video signal/card/chip. If you're using integrated video from the mobo, maybe try plugging in a video card if you can, or vise-versa.
  12. But would that cause it to freeze up all the time? A video card?
  13. Try with another mobo if you can and cpu. Try install another copy of windows, go in safe mode.
  14. krikle said:
    But would that cause it to freeze up all the time? A video card?

    It is possible - figure the CPU is trying to send info to the video card (or any other component) and has to wait for a reply that it was received before it moves to the next instruction so it can get locked up if the components are not working properly (which is why it is hard to track the cause of this type of problem - since it could be just about any component or pathway between those components including all of the Software - drivers, etc. as well as most of the Hardware.
  15. I don't think it would be software/drivers.. like I said I formatted the system and itjust locks up when trying to install windows. It also freezes when booted with UBCD4Win, which loads drivers/OS completely from the CD. Also tried booting from another HD, same. So I don't think its software related.

    The extra fan kicks in and out. Sometimes it runs, sometimes again, would it be possible its the PSU? Ill try another video card if I have one ...
  16. dude you have 300w PSU, but that psu definitely is not real power. That mean you'r psu using max 210w.

    Here one site to calculate needing power:

    and why you don't scan from virus you'r windows disk?
  17. I know its not the disc. I've used it a million times on other computers, and I tried it on another system to be sure. It works fine. And it is an original, legal copy from Microsoft, not a burned one.

    I tried a 400W PSU with the system, still...same problem. So it isn't HD, RAM, PSU.
    I did try another vid card like someone suggested, but than i got no video at all. Its an older card so.. but I doubt its the onboard vid causing major, constant freezeups like that. I also monitored the CPU temp fo ra little while. I think it started out at around 40 and went up as far as 48. But stayed pretty constant at 46-47. I'm not sure what would be considered normal or too hot?

    Anyone think its either the mobo or processor?
  18. ???????
  19. give up its going to cost u tooo much time&money
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