Msi 770 c45 vcore stuck auto? Help!

Hey, I'm somewhat new to overclocking, just playing around with my old CPU after a recent upgrade. Anyways, seems I can't for the life of me figure out how to up my vcore. All of my voltages are greyed out and stuck to auto.

Running a 965 be @3.8 on a MSI 770 c45. Seems to be running okay except for the odd freeze in Prime 95, which is why I want to up vcore a little.

I feel like there is something obvious I'm just looking over, read manual but still have found no indications how to change voltages.

Assistance would great appreciated :pt1cable:
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  1. In your BIOS, change your CPU settings (Adjust CPU Ratio) to manual vice auto. That will allow the individual entries to be available for configuration. Also look at enabling Auto Overclock Technology.

    Look at page 23 from the manual (see below):
  2. Thanks but it was actually more my own stupidity. The only way to change voltage values are by using -/+ signs, instead of pressing enter and scrolling through a preset list.

    It's still quite off those, I can change the Vcore voltage by increments of .01 until I reach 1.35, then the next following values are 1.45 1.54 1.64, makes fine tuning virtually impossibly once you reach 1.35.
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