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i have an athlon ii x4 620 on asus m4a785td-m evo with 1 2gb ram + 1 hdd + 1 dvdrw drive + 1 case fan + cpu cooler fan.

psu rating is 3.3v=25A + 5v=30A + 12v=20A. is it still enough if i put ati hd5670?

thank you in advance.
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  1. What type of PSU is it?

    A Seasonic 500W PSU is much different than a Broadway 500W. I'd be a little cautious of only having 1 12V rail, as 20A isn't a whole lot.
  2. it's a generic PSU bundled with my casing. i'm thinking of adding discrete gpu for gaming, but not much budget for new psu =(
  3. Do you have the model name and number? If it's >500W, you might not be able to do that.
  4. it's an e-supercase series, don't know the model, or the name either. it's written there P4-480W, and the rating was like what i mention in the 1st post.

    thank you for replying =)
  5. The power supply is something you should not skimped on. A bad one could fry everything. Plus high quality ones don't degrade as fast and have a more even and steady power flow that help prevent system instability.
  6. To be blunt, you're going to need a new PSU. Like DJR said, it could fry some components, and if you're running it anywhere close to load, it's going to go kaput a lot faster.
  7. if only i can replace it with better one. it's a slim case, and i don't know what form factor is it either. the casing is like this one here. looks like i need to replace the psu afterall.

    thank you again for helping me =)
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