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Hi folks,

I'm going to be assembling a new build in a few weeks, and i'm wondering what programs are most recommended if I want to run a full stress test on all components so that I can find any weak links before the 30-day return period is up. I'll be running Win7 64-bit by the way.

In the step by step guide, Prime95, 3dMark, and Memtest86 are recommended. Are there any other good/better programs to stress test with?

What could I use to test that the hard drive and video card are functioning properly without any errors/hiccups?

PS: Do modern motherboards come with a built in speaker/buzzer for the POST codes, or do I need to purchase one of these since my case does not include one?
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  1. At DELL they actuall have "heat lockers" (not Hurt Lockers) .... sort of make-shift ovens with elevated temps ... I forget how long they leave them in there but it is something between 24-72 hrs ...

    ... Video transcodes run all the cores and ram at full tilt ....
    .... 3D renders run the gpus flat out ...
    ... Load the disks to 80% and run "defrag" ... then go on summer vacation.
    ... Let Samsonite make a TV commercial with it.

    = Have Fun ! =
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