Notcua Fan Models Explained

Does anyone have documentation showing each Noctua fan model and its intended use? Their FAQ has 42 fans listed and to be honest, I'm too lazy go through each one to see what it's recommended usage is.

While I've found a lot of forums with people saying what they use, I'm hoping to find something from the "professionals".
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    let me read through all the pages and get back to you .
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  3. Thanks minion! Please list them by release date from newest to oldest. Also, please format cell text by color in the following fashion:

    Red: CPU
    Blue: Case
    Green: Rad

    Font should be Arial 10 for all cells, with Column Headings being bolded. Fan Model should also be hyperlinked to it's URL on the Noctua website.

    I'll need this tasking completed by 1800 1/6/2012, so I'm going to need you to work on Saturday, 1/5.
  4. Time travel is extra , you want it by 1800 1/6/2012 it's going to cost . I'll throw in the formatting and font choice in for free .
  5. HAHA Doh!
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