Audio Device on High Definition Audio Bus

Ive look around & cant find the solution to this... so Im here to see if u guys can help me.

Ive got Mobo (P7P55D-E PRO) & gpu (EVGA GeForce GTX460), Ive install WinXP pro (64-bit) & all mobo & gpu drivers accordingly, but I still got 4 row of yellow marked "Audio Device on High Definition Audio Bus" problems which they dont see a driver. However, my sound is working fine, just that everytime I reboot it sees a new hardware found & asking for drivers, its getting really annoying... I know some would say get Win7, but I dont have the cash to get a copy now, in future I would, but for now I need to work with XP64, plus some software I need from my work only works on XP, those software dont support Vista/7..yet. I work for manufacture company & the machinery software used are not commercial types if u know what I mean. So Im stuck with XP64 for now.

Ive tried go install Realtek HD audio drivers, Ive tried Windows updates & hotfix, Ive tried reinstall fresh copy of WinXP64, Ive also tried reinstall EVGA drievrs, Ive also tried install all of above in different sequence, still no luck.

I've read quite some articles on the net & found many interesting reads. Some says its needs BIOS update, some says the HD audio driver is fine but WinXP system32 folder is missing a file, some says it needs a Microsoft patch before installing the HD audio driver. Some article says this "HD audio drivers" issue/bug was due to old Win drivers that blocks the binary or something (Im not that tecky so Im not sure what they saying).... so Im so confused & out of ideas now. Can any experts here help me please. Much appreciated.
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