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How come there are no more SONY Desktops?

There used to be black desktops made by SONY in the late 90's, back when desktops were still white or grey. What ever happened to the desktops? We only have Vaios and mobile devices... Do you know?
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    well i asked this to someone that works for sony, and he said its because most people want laptops,most desktop dont sell well unless its a Media Center PC or gaming.
  2. i never liked sony desktops. there are a few p4-era sonys sitting aorund were i work though...
  3. Sony desktops were always crap. They came with a million 'free' trials so you had no choice but to re-install XP before you got to do anything on them, and they were also rather costly. Not like dell costly, but still too much for me.
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