Any relevant online PSU checker?

Hi guyz,

I am looking for a relevant PSU checker online, which consider last updates of brands and o/c. Can anybody recommand one?

I'd like to know about the PSU for:

- Asus P7P55D Pro
- Intel i5 750 (maybe o/c more or less around 4Ghz)
- Gigabyte HD5870 1Go
- Corsair XMS3 PC3-10666 C7 3x2Go
- NZXT Sentry 2 fan controller
- NZXT M59 (full fan equiped = 5 x 120mm) ... i hope the HD5870 will have enough room (same for the HD5970) :sarcastic:
- WD 640Go Caviar Blue
- Samsung SH-B083A BR-DVD drive

Thanks a lot!
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  1. Well, I can recommend you a PSU.

    Do you plan do get another HD 5870? If you do, then get a Corsair TX750W or HX750W if you want a modular cabling system.
  2. I manage to, yes. When prices will drop down.

    1) Are their modular systems equiped with all the right connectors for late GPU's?

    2) 700W is too low? Because the OCZ ModXStream Pro 700W seems to be nice, and very good price range :)
  3. ocz modxstream psus are mediocre.
    for apsu calcultor, i like:
  4. shovenose said:
    ocz modxstream psus are mediocre.
    for apsu calcultor, i like:

    Well, with their result, i obtain:

    - almost 650W (a damn 390W just for the proc. o/c with a Vcore at 1.275 at 400Mhz)
    - 774W with a Xfire of HD5870
    - almost 900W with a Xfire of HD5970.

    I think will in a first time plan for a single HD5870 build.
  5. I% 750- 95watts stock OC about 130 watts
    Hard drive- 8 watts
    BR drive- 35 watts
    5870- 190 watts full load
    5870 eyefinity 6 edition- 230 watts full load
    5970- 300 watts full load
    Motherboard and Ram anther 75 watts max.
    Fans 1.5 watts per fan 7.5 watts all 5 fans but we will say 10 watts just in case you want to add.
    Fan controller 10 watts max but more like 5 watts.

    HD 5870 -190 watt full load drw
    500 watt PSU with two 6 pin 75watt PCI Express connectors. If you plan to crossfire you will need a 750 watt PSU.

    HD 5870 eyefinity 6 edtion 230 full load draw
    600 Watt or greater power supply is recommended with one 75W 6-pin and one 150W 8-pin PCI Express power connector required 900 Watt and 2 6-pin and 2 8-pin connectors for CrossFire

    HD 5970 300+ watts full load draw
    650 watt PSU with one 6 pin PCI Express connector and 2 150 watt 8 pin connectors

    So for the 5870 and the rest of your system I would recommend a 550 watt unit of quality source all manufactures recommendations are overestimated due to alot of cheap PSU's floating around so the over estimate there.

    130+8+35+190+75+10+5= 453

    HD 5870 eyefinty 6 edtion
    130+8+35+230+75+10+5= 493

    HD 5970
    130+8+35+300+75+10+5= 563

    So for any of these cards you go with as long as you get a very good quality 550 watt unit you can run you hardware without problem.

    I would suggets get 650 watt Unit to give more headroom for overclocking the GPUs

    For Crossfire for the 5870 a 750 watt unit would be plenty of power and for crossfire with a 5970 you will need 850 watt + PSU.

    Antec, Corsair Seasonic some great PSU's to look at that will give you very stable power.

    Hope this helps.

    Those calculators overestimate power needs as well what I just did was gave you the raw usage of each component as long as you get a quality unit you can run this hardware on much lower wattage PSU's then what they suggest.
  6. Yeah just get the Crossair TX-HX 750 you will be good.
  7. @ Userremoved: I think it is the best as far as i saw with your answer and the one of Lmeow, and many people usually recommand this Corsair for high end configs. :)

    @ SAAIELLO: Thank a lot for your great post! Just, could you please tell how you can have so many differences between your "130W" in o/c and the "390W" result with the link shown by shovenose??? It is quite amazing :o
  8. nico75-1983 said:
    differences between your "130W" in o/c and the "390W" result with the link shown by shovenose??? It is quite amazing :o

    There's nothing amazing about it, people who are new to the calculator mess up all the time.
    You need to go back and input your components correctly in order for it to give you a realistic number.
    I5-750 at 4.0 with 1.275v will give you 136 watts not 390.
  9. Try this one from newegg:

    Asus used to have one, but I can't find it, to give you a link.

    But there was another out there, that was better. Newegg & Asus once said I need 750W, but this other one said 450W.

    I'll go and try to find it....
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