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Hello, how can I find the fastest cpu my mb will handle. It is a Compaq 283983-001
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  1. A socket 478 motherboard... I hate to bring the bad news, but the platform is already obsolete. Nevertheless, the answer to your question is a Pentium 4 3.2GHz (for the designated socket, of course), which I think is already discontinued. You can try looking at used CPUs market though.
  2. Specification
    Form Factor: Micro ATX
    Compatible Processors: Intel Pentium 4
    Socket Type: Socket 478
    Max supported CPUs qty: 1

    Damasvara you beat me :P
  3. ^ I forgot to say:"First post!" :lol:

    But if I do that, the mods will give me the yellow card for breaking the forum rules. :P

    One thing I'm not certain yet though, since Pentium 4 is available in 3 socket types, how can one determine which fastest CPU for the 478? :heink:

    Maybe you can help the OP out on that issue, I don't feel like googling right now. :lol:
  4. ^ I agree, but also caution - MOST OEM MOBOs while they 'accept' the faster CPU in the socket may or better probably will NOT accept any other CPU_ID other than what the Compaq 283983-001 model offered - in other words may not work or if they work the CPU will be dummied-down. This is unlike a 'consumer' MOBO that will accept AND has the CPU_ID info contained in the BIOS.

    Also, if you update BOTH the MOBO + CPU you need to review the other components {HDD (SATA1 vs SATA2 + age), PSU 250-300W + age (500W+ is needed for newer CPU/GPU/MOBO), DVD (IDE vs SATA), etc...

    Bottom-Line, you 'smartest' choice is to replace the entire rig (PC).
  5. ^+1 to that. Except for the fact that the OP doesn't seem like he's going for a total makeover. :P

    What a shame... I retired my P4 platform due to its obsoleteness, the OP should at least consider building a new rig.
  6. ^ Not disagreeing. Just one 'logical' step ahead.

    Replace the 'unavailable' CPU how?? -> Next step, doing them both {MOBO + CPU} -> Reality something current {Cannot buy a nonexistent CPU} -> Truth I overlooked the more than likely incompatible RAM {new MOBO more than likely will DDR2/DDR3 v old DDR}.

    Conclusions: 1. keep what ya got, 2. makeover/start from scratch.
  7. ^ Isn't that would cost at least some valuable bucks? The reason the OP ask is to negate the possibility of mis-purchasing.

    I agree on your first option though, "keep what you got". I personally wouldn't risk waste money on uncertainly working purchase.

    As for, start from scratch, that's what I think is more appropriate.

    I'm kinda confused with the steps there... :heink: :lol:
  8. ^ I added explanations to steps. Hope that helps.

    Bottom-line, there is NO upgrade path w/o replacing everything.
  9. ^ Agreed then... :D
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