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looking into getting an up grade video card for my Gateway 5200s computer with a P4@2.8Mz that I have added memory and now have 2.49Gb memory to play the game Avatar. I need help making the right choice of cards and not putting out a lot of money
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  1. I'm looking for a video card to help me play Avatar on my old Gateway 5200S with a P4 and 2.8 with 2.49 memory. I'm looking for something not too costly.
  2. Radeon 4670 for... not sure in US dollars, but would be a good choice for your build and is quite cheap
  3. Why avatar? Just curious.
    I always put the movie video games into the "garbage" category of games to try :P
    That said,
    I'm not even sure if your motherboard has a pci-e slot for a graphics card, looking at the specifications.
    Someone correct me if I am . . . incorrect.
  4. Yeah, not a very good game from what I've read.
    Accord to this;
    You have a PCIe slot. An HD4670 would be a good choice as mentioned above.
  5. jyjjy said:
    Yeah, not a very good game from what I've read.
    Accord to this;
    You have a PCIe slot. An HD4670 would be a good choice as mentioned above.

    Are you sure? On the official gateway support website (linked above) it mentions no pci-e slots.
    karay63 could just check on the motherboard for a pci-e slot and settle this minor dispute :P
  6. Yea i second that... may not of been on the link duk3 gave, as most times, including newegg, it says 'video slots' for the pcie16 slots instead of other slots and such... karay just open up your case and see if you have a slot like this:

    the white/red ones, you have a slot like that?
  7. what kind of video card slot does it have?
  8. A P4 2.8Ghz won't be able to push a HD4650 is about the best card that won't be bottlenecked by the processor. I"ve built a machine with a P4 3.0Ghz on a 775 with PCIe that was only 100 points higher with a 4670 than with a 4650 in 3dMark06 (4738 vs. 4861). That said, for the difference in price, go with the HD4670 as you'll have quite a bit of upgradability down the road since that same 4670 can be pushed close to 8,000 with, say, a Q9650 if your board supports it.
  9. It has a video card slot?
  10. Were trying to help you in another thread you made... look back at that one
  11. Quote:
    what kind of video card slot does it have?

    it has PCI slots
  12. here are several cards be sure to check the power supply requirements though I doubt you will have a issue with any.

    try not to open two threads for the same thing, it just makes it more difficult for those trying to help you
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  14. karay63 said:
    it has PCI slots

    A PCI slot is not the same as PCIe Slot. Make sure of what you have.... Please look at the pictures of the PCIe slot posted above and confirm if you have it or not.
    Another important question you have to answer is: what is the monitor resolution that you play on?
  15. According to the stats provided on dealtime, it does have a PCI-E x16 slot, doubtless a 1.0 version. It should be able to run a Radeon HD-4670, provided it has at least a 300W power supply, hopefully with at least 18a on the 12V rail. He may want to consider upgrading the power supply, hopefully it can accept a standard ATx power supply.
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