Best possible high end computer configration

friends i m RAHUL n i m pursuing B.Sc in ANIMATION n Multimedia
plz help in configuring a high end pc with in a budget of 2600$(i kno itz nt that much budget for a high end pc bt so so)
i want to buy it by the end of june
i want to kno every thing starting from processor, motherboard, graphic card
to cabinet, dvd/rw, mouse, keyboard plz help me
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  1. $2600 is a lot of money for a high end build. If I have time, I will come back and post my suggestions here. In the meantime can you give us more specifics on the programs you will use and exactly what you will be doing?
  2. i wold be using it for my assignment running high softwares :bounce: and for rendring also
    and sme games :sol:
  3. onewhoisabsolute said:
    i wold be using it for my assignment running high softwares :bounce: and for rendring also
    and sme games :sol:

    "high softwares?" What high softwares. Specifics work wonders.
    Is gaming a priority there? Would you like high end gaming? Or is it something "on the side"?

    Anyway, here is a build I think will work based on the information you have given me.

    CPU: Phenom II 1090t. Unlocked multiplier, 3.2GHz, 6 cores and worth the cost. If you can overclock, the 1055t is better value and will apparently overclock just as well as this CPU for $100 less. It is at 2.8GHz.

    A good Asus motherboard with modern features and crossfire support if you ever need it.

    Mushkin memory with excellent timings and good cycle time. 2 sets of this (for a total of 8GB) is not necessary but could be a good idea depending on the applications you use.

    Samsung spinpoint 1TB. If you need more, get another. This model is unavailable to me in Canada so I use the alternate WD Black. But the spinpoint is apparently faster and quieter.

    XFX 5870. Double lifetime warranty. Single card.

    650W Corsair power supply. You might want to consider a bit more powerful if you want to use the crossfire.

    Total cost: $1167. Spend the extra >$1000 on a new computer in two years that will be more than twice as powerful as this one.
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