Mystery with my DDR sticks

I have a GA-K8NF-9 bios f12 with an Amd 64x2 3800+ and windows 7 32 OS. I have 4 memory sticks all 3200. 2x1gb Transcend identical twins and 2x512mb Kingmax also identical twins . The problem is however i place them they wont work in dual channel infact when i put 2 identical sticks paralel in the same color slots my system refuses to boot. I can put all 4 sticks together but not in the dual channel mod and even then i get weird info. My system will boot but my OS recognizes only the 2x1gb ram . Actually in my windows index i see this : 3.00 gb (2,00 gb usable) . It means that windows have recognized all 4 sticks in my 4 slots but for some unknown reason i cant use 1gb of ram.Is the problem within my bios,maybe in the wrong latency or similar. Any help would be appreciated
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  1. A 32 bit OS will only see 3gb of ram
  2. ^+1. To be detailed, it's the limitation of the 32-bit OS which can't utilize more than 3.5GB of RAM. If you wan't to use all of it, use a 64-bit OS.
  3. Thanks for the reply but i´m aware of the OS 32 ram limitation. My problem is that i have 3gb ram in my slots but my System recognizes infact uses only 2.
    Windows index says 3.00 gb (2,00 gb usable). I made a research on the net and didnt find anything similar cause people have issues only when having placed 4gb ram .In that case windows OS 32 uses only 3gb of ram or even less if you have a VGA card with 1 or more gb of Ram. I have an Ati 4350 with 512mb so in any case i couldnt have lost my 1gb ram because of the OS 32. Again all my ram are working fine when placed separately but when all 4 sticks are in the slots my system recognizes 3 but uses only 2gb of ram. Its really not such a big issue but my MB supports dual channel according to the manufacturer but not in my case. Infact i dont even get all my rams working correctly in single channel mode.
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