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When playing .mkv (1080p AVC) files in windows vista or windows 7 (both 32 & 64 bit), my pc freezes up, after a few seconds(sometimes minutes) of playback. The issue is very specific as you can see, which puzzles me to no end.

In windows XP, during playback it sometimes jitters for a few seconds(the sound as well), as if there is no cpu cycles available for that short amount of time. However it doesn't freeze completely, like the other OS. The CPU is not at 100% or even near it when it happens.

I tried multiple players/codecs.

So im guessing I have some semi-faulty hardware, as i've tried pretty much everything else(updated bios, drivers, rolled back drivers, etc.)

Only question is which piece of hardware is it? Or maybe its something else? any ideas?

My spec:
- Phenom II x3 710
- 2x 2gb Kingston 1333mHz value(I tried running with each stick singlely)
- Gigabyte GA-MA790XT-UD4P
- Hitachi 1TB(I've tried installing os on other drives)
4830 GPU
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  1. Firstly, there is no problem with your hardware if the problem persists while playing only .mkv files.. The problem might lie with the player and the codec employed.. A simple test would be to try and convert the .mkv file(s) using any video converter to some format say .flv, .mov etc and then playing it.. Also make sure you don't have multiple codec packs installed as they are bound to cause problems.. Try the xp codec pack for win xp of course and klm codec pack for win 7 and vista..
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