Which brand is best?



And does anone know what the quietest design of graphics card is? Because those standards big graphics cards are really noisy at full speed.
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  1. the HIS link is bad

    both brands are about the same to my knowledge, I would check all the specs though because they do vary by manufacturer and model at times

    as far as noise I get fan less cards, I'm not much of a gamer though
  2. It depends where you live...

    Both brands are good.
    Also look for Sapphire.
  3. Ah yes, sorry about the dead link, it turns out the product is no being sold there anymore. Here is the new comparison

    XFX - two different chassis, any difference in noise?

    Asus - Is the cooling/brand beter?

  4. Both brands are good and reputed.

    Get the cheaper card.
    Get the one with a bigger fan on it.
  5. I recommend both equally, I have had 2 xfx's and 2 his cards and to be honest had the same experience with all 4.

    The only difference I saw was that the his card generally ran a lot cooler. I also recommend diamond they last forever! :bounce:
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