PC wont load -

Can any one help?
My pc wont start up ( well from when i turn it on i see a screen showing my MB type *Ausu M3A* then nothing... No beeps no messages not even a command line. Has my HD failed? if i look in bios it still shows it as being there and no issue.
But thats if it is a HD issue to be honest i am not sure.

If i try and boot my 2nd HD i get the usual promt to format my not my main with my OS.
thanks in advance Stu.
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  1. Gone through the list and still nothing, i tried a different HD that i know to be working and that didnt load (got as far as chosing to boot in safe mode or not then regardless of the choice it wont load any further i just get a no signal then it restarts..
  2. Just to add the pc did work fine, just restarted it yesterday and since then nothing

    Asus M3A with AMD phenom 9500 black
    ati 5770 card (showing 3 green lights on the back)
    750w psu
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