Is my HDD dead? Can I recover anything?

Hey guys

I have an external HDD that I converted into an internal one for windows and basic software and an internal one for all the other stuff.

Today I tried using Daemon Tools to install something then I heard a click sound the PC got locked so I rebooted it and my internal HDD was gone.
Doesn't show in the BIOS or anywhere else.
Did it die? It was a bit old ( 5 years I believe ) and if it did die is there a way to recover anything from it?

I also got a new motherboard/ram/cpu a week ago and since then it shows the following message when the pc is booted: S.M.A.R.T. status bad backup and replace.
Is there a way to know what HDD it refers to? I still get the message even after the ''death'' of one HDD
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  1. It is funny you use the terms Click and locked.

    There was a known problem with some Seagate drives firmware that would cause the drive to Click and then lockup and not show up in the BIOS. If it is a seagate drive look up firmware upgrades for the drive model number.
    You may want to try and remove all drives but the bad one and boot with a utility CD and try and see if you can find/fix the drive. Chances are that the program you ran killed track 0 on that drive.

    As far the the error on boot up from SMART. You can check in your BIOS and reset the error list, check your manual on how to do it. You should first look at what the error details are before you reset the errors.
  2. Thanks for the help Rainey however I'm having a small problem with your answer.
    My HDD is a Maxtor which was bought by Seagate in 2005 or so. I doubt I'll find any software made specially for this model.I will do a bit of search tho.

    How do I check the error details in BIOS? I can't find anything related to S.M.A.R.T. there. I'm using a P8H61M motherboard. Since it's a basic chipset is it possible that there isn't a way to do it?
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