Will 9400gt work with a 17amp rail?

My brother has just upgraded to Win7 and his ancient gpu isnt supported, so we were looking to upgrade it (without buying a new everything). I found a 9400gt by EVGA that uses PCI (not PCI-E since the mobo does not have it), but I read that the 9400gt needs an 18amp +12v rail and I looked up his and it is only 17amps. Will this make a huge difference?

This is the gpu: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814130498

Thanks for any help and sorry if this has been previously posted.
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  1. Review said running fine on 300w PSU, which im guessing is similar to yours. Plus vendors often say you need more then what you actually need... im 99% sure youll be fine. Difference between amps doesnt matter that much, as long as it boots, and runs for few hours on load, its more then enough which im sure it will be
  2. It will run just fine.
  3. Ya bought the card and its running great!!! One question and im gonna make a new topic for this; when hes on youtube the videos run fine in normal mode, but in full screen the video freezes while the sound plays. The computer doesnt freeze either because i can get out of the full screen. I wouldnt think this too odd, but when we watch a dvd on windows media player in full screen it runs great. Any ideas?
  4. What drivers you using? The ones on the CD with the card or did you download the latest?
  5. New ones, i never use cd drivers unless forced
  6. Oh ok, thats kinda odd, what browser you using? try using something else? update flash?
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