Do I have a dead mobo / i7?

So I put together all of the parts to my computer but the computer would not post. I went through the sticky about common post problems (tried everything except I couldn't hear beep codes since neither my case nor my mobo came with a speaker ... one is in the mail as I type) and even tried to breadboard everything.

One thing I noticed is my thermalright 120 was not getting hot throughout the testing so the heat sink was removed (the thermal paste still looked new and creamy). The stock cooler was attached but that didn't work either. My friend and I then tried to run the cpu without any heatsink installed on it ( hsf still plugged in) and the cpu still did not heat up at all. So I am guessing either my motherboard or cpu is dead which is why there was no post. Before I go out and exchange everything, do you guys agree?

Another quick question, my thermalright 120 is using rev. B bolt through 1366 attachment - has anyone had any problems with this backplate shorting out any boards? The attachment did not come with any washers and I didn't know if having the metal backplate bare against the mobo is going to be problematic.

Asus P6X58D
i7 920
XFX 5870
Corsair 850HX
Corsair 3x2GB Dominator
WD caviar black 1 tb
True 120
Attachment example
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  1. Well, I must start the response with this. It's really not a good idea to run a machine with no heatsink. They can be damaged within seconds. Some older chips can do it, I doubt the i7 can. Just not a good practice.

    With that said, it does sound like your board is having issues, but a speaker sure would be helpful. I assume you tried to POST with just one stick of RAM?

    The backplate should be painted, so it shouldn't be a problem. If it was bare metal it might be, but I imagine Thermalright thought of that during design.
  2. Oh yeah, I have tried 1 to 3 sticks of ram in all of the different spot and combinations, nothing was working.

    I know trying to run the cpu without a heatsink was risky but we were running out of ideas on what to do and figured that would be a quick and easy test to see if the i7 was even running. It was strange because all of the fans would run and the mobo would light but it seems the processor never ran.
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