Can't get 5.1 on HDMI

I just installed 7 on my media pc, everything it working fine EXCEPT NO 5.1 audio over my HDMI
the computer is an Acer AX1200-B1602A. It has that High Definition Audio Device as the sound card. and it has a Ge-force 8200 and the video card.

I am plugged in through the HDMI cable and it is getting picture and sound but it isn't 5.1. The receiver doesn't even show what sound it is. (it usuly has a diagram of speaker to show what audio channels it is receiving).

Under sound in the control panel it show 4 devices one is the standers headphone ports (analog) the other is a coaxial (it clams it can do DTS and Dolby digital) then i have 2 devices that say they are HDMI, "Realtek High Definition audio divice" and the other is "Digital Audio (HDMI)". I only get sound from the Digital Audio but they both say they can only do stereo.

I have tried every driver I could find, nothing has changed

Back when i had vista on it it worked fine, and the AMP said it was getting 5.1.

Any ideas?
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  1. Try to configure the speakers under sound properties.

    Right click on speakers icon next to the clock.

    Select Sounds from the list

    Then select Playback tab in the top,

    Right click on Speakers

    then select Configure Speakers
  2. That didn't work, it only shows stereo in the menu :(
  3. Which 5.1 speakers are you trying to connect?
  4. do you have any analog sound devices plugged in? I've never had to work with, but Vista/Win7 will down-grade audio/video if ANY unsecure devices are connected. They don't want you copying that copyrighted 1s and 0s.

    I've heard of people having an unsecure analog video plugged in and the same displayed was cloned to an HDMI and the HDMI got down-graded because the analog device was hooked up.

    This is just an idea, I have no clue otherwise.
  5. I am connected to a Pioneer Elite VSX-01TXH Amplifier, it is actually 7.1 sound but i only need 5.1 because i am just using it for TV

    There isn't any Analog video or sound connected. just HDMI, an esata hard drive and mouse and keyboard. That is all that is connected
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    You got some serious Amplifier there .

    Have you tried to make the connections using stereo jack and connect it to the round sound ports at the back of the pc?
    Also Run Windows update, select check for updates , then click on Optional updates are avialable. Is there Realtek sound card on list, if yes tick it and click OK? This might take several minutes, once installed restart your system.
    Or try to download Realtek High Definition Audio Codecs lastest drivers
    Version R2.39
  7. Thanks

    I don't think my Amp supports that, it only has HDMI, optical, coacial, and the standart Left and Right audio connectors, to input the sound. As far as i know

    O good idea i haven't run anyupdats yet. Totaly forgot about that :)

    Oyeah I forgot to mention there is a "PCI Simple Communications Controller" That doesn't have a driver. Would that be causeing any problems?
  8. Your a Genius, installing updates did the trick. When in to the set up and it found 7.1 and it is all working

    I think it was this "NVIDIA Corporation - Audio - NVIDIA High Definition Audio" driver it installed, that did the trick.

    Ahh got to love the simple solutions

    Thanks for all of your help
  9. Ok good :;) what speakers you using with the amp
  10. I am using all Klipsch speakers
    For the Left and right Front i am using the "Forte FB"
    here is a pic I found of them But mine are all black.

    For the Sub i am useing a MX-125

    For the center is am using a KV-2

    For the left and right side speakers i am using KSF-S5 Surround Speaker

    for the left and right rear i am using SS.5 Surround Speaker

    most of them are old speakers i think the newest ones or the Rear speaker set. But it sounds really good. :)
  11. Im sure they sound great :sol: .
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