Are hard drive jumpers tthe same as mobo jumpers?

I got my new rig yesterday and after setting it up I got no signal to my moniter. After 4 hours of trouble shooting I realized I had accidentally removed a few jumpers from my mobo.

I called a near by computer store and the rep there told me they had hard drive jumpers but he didn't know if they'd work on a mobo.

Are they the same thing? Is there a certain kind I need to get?

Also, would 2 missing jumpers cause the computer to boot but not send a signal to my monitor?
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  1. Well it depends what motherboard you have. Can you list your specs please?

    Also hard drive jumpers usually work (they are 2-pin). But it also depends what jumpers are you specifically talking about on the motherboard.

    If you find the manual of your board (usually manufacturer's site) you can find the layout of your board and what the jumpers are for. If the jumpers are not video related - then that might not be your issue.
  2. If the pins are about the same size and about the same distance apart, I don't see why they wouldn't work. And +1 to seeing if the jumpers are video related first...
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