Upgrading my parts, what's say you?

So I'm thinking of upgrading my computer parts.

This is the tower I have. The picture isn't exactly the same as the one I have (the symbol is up higher. Whatever though.) For all intents and purposes though, this is the tower I have.

I currently have a Pentium Dual-Core E6700 3.2ghz which came stock with the tower. I want to upgrade to a Intel Core i5-2500K Sandy Bridge 3.3GHz (3.7GHz Turbo Boost) and I want to try and overclock it to 4.0 or 'maybe' higher. It will be the first time I've overclocked, but I've read a lot on it, and I intend to read more to make sure I do it right.

Doing this means I will also have to upgrade my MOBO and my PSU, so these are the options I was thinking of..




Those are my 3 (sort of) ideas for the MOBO. I'm going mATX because of the small amount of space I have to work with, and I don't really want to have to buy a new tower if I don't have to.

PSU's (Not sure what other's. Not really sure about PSU's at all. Help on that?)

And I'll finally need a heatsink for the overclocking. I'd rather not go water cooled because I don't want to have to deal with the maintenance. So I found the COOLER MASTER Hyper 212 Plus, which seemed to come highly recommended. The Thermaltake Frio was also highly recommended, so that's an option too.

I should mention that I currently run a EVGA GTX 550 Ti for my GPU.

What I'd like to know, is what you all think of that build for an upgrade. I'd also like what you think might work better for similar pricing, or what I could change (What I'm doing wrong). General feedback is welcome.

Like I said, this is the first time I'm doing something like this (overclocking and such) so I would appreciate all the help I can get.


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  1. Okay, here's the thing, we're going to have to start from scratch here. The only overclocking board that'll work with the i5 is the Maximus IV but you probably don't need that. Here are options for mini-ITX and micro ATX motherboards that can overclock the i5 (I suggest the Ivy Bridge 3570k for a CPU rather than the 2500k) both sizes should fit your case but...
    I think by the time you find a CPU cooler, you'll be looking at a different case with improved airflow. I highly doubt either the Hyper 212 or FRIO will fit
    Your PSU choice should work fine
  2. Hmm ok.. well maybe I would have to upgrade my case.. I'd rather not, but.

    Why you say 3570k over 2500k? I was looking at the pieces I was because of price. And that goes for all of those parts.

    I've also done reading on Sandy Bridge vs Ivy, and I've found that there isn't much difference between S & I, because Ivy isn't that much faster than Sandy.,2817,2405317,00.asp
    So why do you suggest Ivy over Sandy? Just curious
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    The Ivy Bridge 3570k is a better performer than the Sandy Bridge 2500k. The down side is that the Ivy Bridge runs hotter when overclocked. The 3570k also runs on average $5-$10 cheaper than the 2500k. The Z77 chipset motherboard compliments the Ivy Bridge and gives you overclocking capabilities.
    About the case... The motherboard options I gave originally were with your Micro-tower case in mind. But then I considered the airflow (or lack thereof) hence the late note about changing the case. Pretty much any mid-tower case will provide you with adequate airflow for overclocking - not all mind you, you shouldn't have to spend a lot to get a decent case. Since cases are pretty much an asthetic thing, I'll skip any recommendations offhand. You could keep your current case and 'mod' it to accept a 120mm fan on the side for intake... I like modding
    As far as I can tell here's a reasonable expectation for costs of an upgrade for you
    And I did add a case to that not because you should get that one but to give you an idea of an inexpensive case that should work fine
  4. Right. Yea I have a couple cases in mind that aren't too pricey, just in case. Thanks for the recommnedations
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