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hello i need some help from some one cant seam to get this damn card to work right and be for i breack the thing though i would ask some one well to start out i just build me a new comp from scrach with as follows...... amd phenom 2 955 3.2/ asus m4a77d mouthboard / 650 watt power box / 6 gigs ddr2 6400 ram / and a msi n250gts nvidia card which went togather perfect and worked very well but i had some ex money left after i got a good deal on my 23 in dell moniter so i though i would get a better card and i need a new card for my old copm any ways so i order a xfx radeon hd 5770 which from all i read on it should have been a better card then the 250 well to make it short i got the 5770 and put it in and was sading by what happen it runs worse then the 250 i have windows 7 64 bit and my windows experience index score with the 250 was 6,9 and the 5770 droped it to 6.0 i know the 5770 is better then the 250 so i have tryed to uninstall and reinstall the driversa a few times and tryed messing with all the setings with no change i am not a full noob to this stuff i have just had nvidia cards for the last few years been awhile since i have had a ati and it sadings me when the 250 is pushing 60+ fps in my wow game almost all the time even in raids with the setings at max and the 5770 is doing 30 to 35 hell my old comp had a msi 8600 gts oc and was doing that good so plez if any one has a clue on how to fix this i would love the help but i will be waiting for an ancer lol hammer in hand trying to not breack this damn thing lol ty for the time if u just read this...
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  1. *Sigh*

    ATI and nVidia drivers don't play nice together. Anyway, uninstall your display drivers (all of them). Then use Driver Sweeper. You should read the instructions first though. Get it here


    After you do that download the newer ATI catalyst drivers (10.3) and install them.
  2. I'd just like to say that personally I would rather use a clean install. It's often faster and less frustrating to just start off with a fresh install rather than trying to diagnose and correct a driver issue like that.
  3. +1 to Megamanx00 on the clean install. I always do a clean install when I change hardware. However- if you don't want to do that, follow Mega's other post and driversweeper and clean it all out and reinstall. BTW- the newest catalyst is currently 10.2, not 10.3 yet. 10.3 will be out sometime in March.
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