Sabertooth x58 loose heatsink?

I just bought one of these boards and wanted to ask others who had this same board about a loose heatsink?

I am referring to the green/tan heatsink located above the cpu socket. I noticed as I was pulling the board out that it seems to swivel "up" and "down". Is that normal? Or did I get a broken board?

It has been a while since I bought a new motherboard and didn't know if this was a normal thing these days. I've tried installing everything and things are working just fine, as far as I can tell. But still, this "loose" piece still worries me.

Anyone with experience with this board out there that can share with me their experience? Thanks!
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  1. Well, you don't want any of the heatsinks loose. To fix it you will need tighten down the screws if they're on top <or> to remove the MOBO <or> access the back of the MOBO and tighten-down the heatsink mounting screws.

    They seem to have the screws on both sides {on top - black/raised} see image:
  2. Hmmm ok, I'm not currently at home with the computer, but I do remember seeing those black screw type things. I guess I didn't even consider just simply trying to screw those in.
    Thats entirely safe? I guess I just need to be sure not to screw too hard? I'll try screwing them in when I get home(hopefully I can do it without taking the whole thing out!)
    Thanks for the advice!
  3. The same as the CPU; I use 2 finger tighten limit. Firm but not too hard...
  4. So I just tried screwing in the heatsink with no success. It doesn't seem to want to go in.

    I noticed that the heatsink on the left side also has similar screws but I couldn't get that in either.

    Should I RMA the board to newegg? Was hoping to avoid this if I could...

    What program can I use to check out my mb temps?
  5. Don't those screws use springs to keep the tension? If it uses springs, you can try stretching the spring so that it increases the pressure/tension when screwing it in. Had a similar problem a long while back with a North Bridge heatsink and this took care of that.
  6. Maybe I just need a finer tip screwdriver...
    I'll have to borrow one from someone tomorrow.. haha. I'll try again then! Thanks for the info!
  7. I am not aware if there is a Voltage regulator temp {VReg/MOSFET}; CoreTemp ASUS PC ProbeII I don't think monitors VReg temps; BTW I don't recommend ANY ASUS/Gigabyte utilities. More than likely the MOBO has a Temp probe contact to take a direct reading.

    FAQ -

    Top + Left = VReg 1/top & 2/left
    Below CPU = NB
    Below {big ASUS} = SB

    "IF" they are indeed "ONLY spring loaded" then stretching the springs will increase the pressure. People pull them off frequently to replace Thermal compound/water blocks; hopefully using nonconductive thermal paste...!
  8. So, I just tried screwing those screws in again.
    This time I had a nice light shining in on it and got a REAL good look at those black things.... and theyre not screws! They are black little pegs that have a number engraved on them(23, which I mistook as a tiny philips screw head)! They have a spring underneath of them and they depress into the board, but nothing clicks or screws there. Kind of confused by this.

    Think I should have a chat with newegg and do a RMA? =(

    Thanks for all your help so far guys!
  9. ^ Can you post a pic? Is it some thing like this:

    If it is, that's a normal pin. To remove it, depress the bottom knob and push back. That will remove it. Then stretch the spring and push it back in.
  10. Shadow703793 said:
    ^ Can you post a pic? Is it some thing like this:

    If it is, that's a normal pin. To remove it, depress the bottom knob and push back. That will remove it. Then stretch the spring and push it back in.

    Maybe I'm not being very clear. When I say "swivel" I can angle the whole heatsink down about 15-20 degrees. I mean, it stays in place and doesn't wiggle, but even with just a small amount of force I can make it rock forward and backward along it's long axis. The other two heatsinks near the CPU are fixed in place and don't move at all. I will post a picture or video in the morning ad I won't be home till then.

    I'm kind of confused about that screw thing. That picture posted looks just like it, but I can't imagine how I'm supposed to take it out to stretch the spring. And even with increased tension, it wouldn't be enough to stop the heatsink from being "loose".

    Is the heatsink supposed to move like that? It seems like those springscrews are only there to keep the thing in place, but not fixed onto whatever part of the Mobo it is supposed to draw the heat from.

    Thanks for your responses though!
  11. ^ Just RMA the MOBO and have some peace about it.

    More than likely the Thermal Paste seal got broken. You 'could' pull the heatsink and replace the Thermal paste...but it doesn't explain 'how' it happened.
  12. Yeah you're right, better to just replace the board for some peace of mind.

    I don't know how it happened. I noticed that it would bend that way with just a little bit of force when I was pulling the board out of the anti static bag. I was being careful with the board and still managed to notice this :/ I doubt it was my fault, but who knows. Thanks for all your help guys
  13. Some Bozo tossed around your box and/or dropped it. Also, they're poorly packed most of the time.

    I received one of mine crushed:
  14. ^ Yeah, I had this problem with USPS and UPS. I now use FedEx for my HDDs and boards. GPUs, CPUs, etc are usually well packed.
  15. I just got this board tonight delivered UPS from the Egg. I opened the box and pulled it out of its static bag and noticed the heatsink was loose and would rock back and forth just like you said. Not sure if this is suppose to be like this. Anyone?? I did take a video of it, but have no idea how to upload one to this site.
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    I bought the sabertooth x58 about 2 weeks ago. Mine does the same thing, it swivels up. It always goes back into place though.
  17. I got a second board and it does the same thing. I'm no longer worried about it. Haha. Good luck to you all!
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  19. I just recently picked up and x58 motherboard I noticed that heatsink started moving as well. From I what see from your post is that normal with the motherboard?
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