Which of these combos is best?

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  1. How about a custom combo? The last one has the best CPU and motherboard but the raidmax case comes prepacked with a firework so how about we take the best parts from it and customize a bit shall we? It also has an OEM CPU(no heatsink) so that could use to be swapped.

    Comes out to 205 putting it at less than the big newegg combo, and the more expensive ebay one while giving superior performance. If you need a cheap PSU get the corsair 400CX, its fairly cheap and high quality, unlike the one in the raidmax case which is known to be explosive.

    Whats your overall budget for the build and what parts do you need to fit into the budget? Generally Ebay combos arent great, any i have yet to see a newegg combo with more than 3 parts that did not contain one utter POS that they were trying to rip you off with.
  2. hmmm interesting hunter, although i have an ok psu already.
  3. well my budget fot the 3 parts that i really need (ram, modo, cpu) i around 200
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  6. thanks batuchka and everyone else for your suggestions. i have decided to go with bat's package and have ordered from newegg...
  7. You are welcomed and happy shopping/building ^^
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