Power supply to run ati 4670,5670,5750

I have a raidmax 450W with 21 amps on the +12 volt. Will this be enough to power any of the graphics card listed above?
I am not planning to overclock or anything.
If this psu isnt strong enough what would be cheapest power supply that i would need to run it?

note: I recently had an 8800gts that ran well with this psu, but I discovered from some post that an 8800gts require more watts but the cards posted above requires less but need more amps? Why?
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  1. All those cards will run fine with that PSU.
  2. shubham1401 said:
    All those cards will run fine with that PSU.

    Really? But isnt the 21amps a little low and requires more?
  3. 21 Amps will be enough for those but you will be cutting it close.

    But If you have the money then you should upgrade the PSU.
  4. just to double check, this wouldnt happen to be the raidmax you have would it?(Please god say no)

    If it is i recommend replacing it based on principles alone and investing in a good PSU that will last you atleast 5 years and doesnt risk blowing up your components. Something like the corsair 550VX will power any single GPU video card without an issue, but the 3 cards you listed could easily run on a 400CX which is cheaper.

    Generally if your PSU shows up as the star of a video clip its not a good thing, its really not a good thing when it stars along side sparks.
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    You could run the 4670 or the 5670 off that PSU, but not the 5750. The 5750 requires a 6 pin PCI-E power connector which the Raidmax on Newegg lacks. (Assuming your 450W Raidmax is the same as the newegg model). Also, I wouldn't trust any PSU that is available for $14.95 after mir. to power any decent graphics card and CPU.
  6. Thanks! Those were the answer i needed.
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