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HP Pavilion,, A6300f,, I have motherboard of Foxconn MCP73M01H1 (Napa). There is no post video all fans run, dvd lights flash,, tried putting in a PCIE video card and same results,, any help....
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  1. Welcome, Newcomer. First you should check out the troubleshooting guide for "no boot" / "no display" issues, the link is in my signature. While most of the info really applies to homebuilt systems, it's still a good place to start.

    Typically, the common failures are Power Supply Unit (PSU), RAM (memory), motherboard (mobo), or CPU (processor); usually in this order.

    PSU - A dying PSU (or high dust build-up) can show signs of normal operation, but ultimately cause the system to fail because the proper voltage isn't being supplied to the necessary peripherals. The troubleshooting guide has ways to test your PSU, but fails to mention dust as a reason for failure. Albeit a very small reason for failure, dust is a reason nonetheless.

    RAM - RAM is essential to the computer because it stores temporary information that is used regularly, but at non-specific times; hence Random Access Memory. Because of its role in the system, failure in RAM can be a very high potential for a "no display" issue. Try one stick at a time and/or moving the sticks around.

    Mobo - The mobo can sometimes go bad due to circuit problems. Motherboard problems are more common than people anticipate, but still, the probability is lower in comparison to RAM. A good visual inspection of the motherboard may reult in bulging or leaking capcitors. Should you find either of the two, then you can bet your mobo is to blame for your "no display" concern.

    CPU - Since the CPU is what processes events, such as reading software (the BIOS, in this instance), if the CPU is failing (or not getting enough juice), it can't "process" the command to load the display.
  2. Hey thanks for the quick reply, I have built a number of systems from the ground up, in fact I have five I use in my home, what my biggest problem is wanting to be sure in what the real problem is,, I did the walk through steps you linked me to in your signature,, THIS IS WHAT I FEEL,, am I doing wrong in not taking voltage readings from the power supply? I swapped connectors on the hard drive power, (SATA) DVD drives open and close, 2 cooling fans running,, There is no video post, monitor goes into standby mode, swapped monitors, no video signal at all,, tried a pcie video card no video still, I,m thinking THE MB, Pentium 4 or 4 pin power connector voltage,, TWO YELLOW TWO BLACK WIRES, WHAT ARE THE POWER PIN OUT VOLTAGE? I think if there is power there then its a CPU or MB failed, I have another system that will just shut off like pulling the plug at times, I never trusted power supply testers since I feel they never put a load on a system as when trying to say burn a cd or dvd, or render video files, I hate to buy 2 new power supplies but if so link me to something you all know to be good stuff on line,, also just to let you know your site is the first that has been user friendly to navigate... eager to hear back from someone.. thanks, John
  3. Have you tried breadboarding the Foxconn mobo?

    Have you tried clearing CMOS?

    I wouldn't say you're wrong by not recording the readings, but posting any readings you have may help others determine the failures. As long as you're aware of what the readings should be in a good power supply, you will know what a bad PSU is when performing voltage tests.
  4. Well I did the Power Supply meter check with a jumper to power up the PS, all readings at proper voltage so I am ruling that out, reconnected, did try clearing CMOS with jumper and removing battery, still, MB will not post, did do a breadboarding while still in the case,, down to I guess MB bad, it is rare to have a processor fail, I called, googled, and ebay'ed for a motherboard, $200.00 refirb. from China, HP/Compaq can order for $545.95 seems high priced with some systems that can be picked up on sale for $299.00 tower,, so onto the wait list for repairing,, NEXT GOAL AS TO REPLACING THE A6300F MB,, MCP73M01H1 NAPA GL8E PENTIUM MOTHER BOARD, (cause there are 2) IS SOMETHING THAT WOULD BOOT WITH THIS HARD DRIVE AND DRIVERS, (how do you run a hard drive in a new system to keep what you have on it, be able to use your restore disk later if needed that came with the HP Branded chip, as far as work product pic's and doc's I can pull them off?) I can use any help with what can be put in this MB place.. Thanks, John
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    I wouldn't recommend using an imaged hard drive in a new build, unless you're replacing the motherboard with an exact (down to the revision number) same board. It is always best to reformat your hard drive before reusing it in a new build. You can use software, such as Acronis True Image, to save certain files in their current locations and then restore them to the same locations after the formating.
  6. I guess the recovery disks won't be of any use, I don't have a fresh copy of vista or 7, If anyone knows what MB (same for CPU, Audio, Video ect.) would be good to replace this one with I do have a copy of XP Pro..., and I don't know how long before that will be a thing of the past and have to upgrade... any recommendations..
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