Alienware OptXTM AW2310 - VGA to DVI Doubt?


I'm planning to buy the latest Alienware monitor, but I have one doubt I need to solve before I make the purchase.

This monitor has two video inputs; 1 x HDMI - 1 x DVI.

Due to this I was wondering, I use a regular PC that outputs the video through VGA, besides Gaming on the Xbox 360, I'm going to use this monitor to regular tasks such as Internet Browsing etc.

So given the fact, this panel doesn't have a VGA input, I was wondering which (and how) VGA to DVI cable do I need in order to use this new display using my PC?

Besides, I would appreciate if you could tell me a good HDMI to DVI Cable (price and quality wise) which I can get, in order to play on the 360, taking full advantage (if possible) of the 120 Hz refresh rate feature.

Thanks in advance.
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    All you should need for your computer is a vga cable and a vga to dvi adapter or you could get a dvi to vga cable, whichever is cheaper.

    For your xbox why get a hdmi to dvi? Why not just a regular hdmi to hdmi cable, this way you will have your computer and your xbox plugged into your monitor at the same time without unplugging the dvi port every time.

    In terms of getting a quality cable, I would not be the best to ask as I just buy whatever seems like a good/resemble price for when I choose my cables. Most of the time its just the most popular cable that has the most reviews when buying online, in stores I bend/twist and look at the materials/strength of the cable to measure quality. Maybe not the best way to do things, but if 1000 other people say they don’t have a problem then maybe its not so bad after all.
  2. I would appreciate if you could send a few links, of VGA to DVI adapter so I can get a better idea, because I've been reading and there are several types of DVI, such DVI-D, and the last thing I want, is to buy something which is not going to be proper for what I require to do.

    Regarding the HDMI to DVI cable, you are right, however I ask this mainly because I want to see how much different can be made on the refresh rate side, through the DVI input, but of course you got a point, which is that is way better to have the PC plugged through DVI and the Xbox on HDMI.

    Thank You, Paperfox.
  3. Ok here's the story.

    You don't want to get that monitor. At least until you get a better computer. If you don't have dvi on your comp's video output, that likely means that yours is extremely extremely old for one, and really wouldn't take good advantage of it. For example, the 120hz feature which is really the main reason for getting that wouldn't work unless you have a DVI-D connection. Also this monitor and technology is made for real 120hz output, from a computer. TV and game systems etc do not output 120hz. Also the 120hz tv marketing is a completely different thing and it's not actual 120hz display but estimated interpolation between frames.

    Any standard monitor with vga/dvi/hdmi outputs would serve your needs much better.
  4. @dstln, I completely understand your point, however I forgot to mention that I plan to upgrade to much more better PC and also want to test the 3D capabilities in the near future, using the PS3 and it's 3D characteristics.

    With that said, to be clear in the main posts, I just outlined the immediate use I'm going to give to the Monitor, which doesn't mean I won't exploit all it's capabilities in the near future.

    @Paperfox, Thanks for those helpful links, however I want to clear something up, using the DVI to VGA adapter, is there any problem if the DVI is a type D or another?

    If anyone has something helpful to add, go ahead it would be greatly appreciated.

    This was posted in a similar DVI question thread and it seems very helpfull.

    According to the link if going from VGA to DVI-D (digital signal) and that DVI slot is not capable of using analog (I could not find any info on the alienware monitor) you are sort of screwed. As the only way to convert VGA analog directly to DVI-D digital is to use an expensive converter box, which you wont be using to long as you said you will be replacing your computer with a new one.

    Try to contact alienware to see if the monitors dvi slot has analog capabilities, if not then you might have to get a new graphics card sooner rather than later.
  6. Yes Paperfox, all the advice has helped a lot, now I will call Dell and ask a few questions.

    Well, I think everything is pretty clear now, Thanks a lot everyone.

    Specially Paperfox

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  8. "much more better"

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