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So currently I have a dell dimension 4700 with a M3198 motherboard. I want to upgrade but my concern is about the size of the motherboards I'm interested in. Do motherboards have standard sizes ? Would anyone be able to tell me which motherboards will or will not fit into a dimension 4700 case? I know its not the wisest thing to do, but if its possible I'd like to try.
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  1. Some Dell PCs esp. older ones used propriatery format, so a standard board won't work.

    You are seriously better off spending about $30-60 on a good standard case than having to worry about fitting a board on to that Dell case. A standard ATX/mATX/ITX will fit any standard ATX based case.
  2. ^ If that is the case, then OP can fit most mATX boards out there. Example: ASUS M4A88T-M
  3. hmm. I appreciate the responses very much, both of you. Is there a way to absolutely confirm that what kind of board it is? Should I call dell and ask them? I just don't want a board and later find out that its a mismatch :(.
  4. All the pictures of it and the case show that it is a mATX, they just don't list it anywhere. Calling them will not hurt.
  5. If the MOBO is SQUARE then it's mATX {a/k/a uATX}. Also, Dell's are NOT good for updating period; check the I/O shield if it welded/riveted then you'll need to cut it out. Also, your PSU "probably" won't handle the upgrade, next the RAM needs to be compatible, etc... My experience is 9/10 opt for a new rig.
  6. Looks like it is a standard mATX format so you might be able to reuse it -- Though as jaquith mentioned check the back panel to see if it is removeable since chances are the new MOBO will have things in different places for the outputs and you'll need to use the back panel plate that comes with the new MOBO (and many DELL cases have the back panel plate welded in place so you'll need to cut it out using a dremel or similar if that is the case !

    Also In looking over the 24 pin pinout you are lucky enough to have a newer version PSU that has a standard pinout so the PSU may be reuseable (in older units the PSU had 2 wires swapped that would burn out a new standard MOBO if using the DELL PSU with a non DELL MOBO and the DELL MOBO would not function if using a standard non DELL PSU (they did this to make you buy DELL products !!)

    Personally though I'd still just buy a new case and PSU to go with the new system !
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